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Capitalism Lab APK: The Best Way to Experience the Successor of Capitalism 2

Capitalism Lab: The Ultimate Business Simulation Game

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur, investor, or CEO, you might want to check out Capitalism Lab, a business simulation game by Enlight Software. In this game, you can create your own business empire from scratch, or take over an existing one, and compete with other companies in a realistic and dynamic economic environment. You can also expand your business with various DLCs and MODs that add new features and content to the game. In this article, we will give you an overview of Capitalism Lab, its gameplay, its review, and how to get it.

capitalism lab apk


What is Capitalism Lab and why is it called so?

Capitalism Lab is the successor to the award-winning Capitalism 2, which was released in 2001. Capitalism Lab was published in 2012 by Enlight Software, a company founded by Trevor Chan, who is also the designer of the game. Enlight develops games with the goal of educating people as well as being entertaining.

The word "Lab" implies that Capitalism Lab, after its initial release, has continually pushed the bounds of business simulators with innovative new features, further cementing its reputation as the best business simulator ever created.

What are the main features and differences of Capitalism Lab compared to Capitalism 2?

Capitalism Lab follows the same core concept as Capitalism 2: your goal in the game is to build the greatest business empire known to man. You start the game with a predetermined amount of money (the default amount is 100.000USD). The money can be used to:

  • buy real estate

  • set up factories

  • set up retail stores

  • invest in the stock market

  • research new products and technologies

  • hire and manage employees

  • and more

However, Capitalism Lab also introduces many new features and improvements that make the game more realistic, challenging, and fun. Some of these features are:

  • New Display Modes Support high-res screen modes.

  • Land Plots Buy land plots at low prices and sell them when the property market is having a bubble to make a huge profit!

  • Enhanced Real Estate Simulation Apartments and commercial buildings are simulated in greater details. People are willing to pay higher rents for apartments with good access to community and sports facilities, a green environment and good shopping convenience.

  • Community and Sports Facilities Build city halls, schools, museums, hospitals, and stadiums to support the development of a residential area, thus increasing its property values and its rental incomes.

  • Improved City Dynamics A citys population growth is affected by quality of life, unemployment rate, and housing supply. You can make a positive impact to a city by setting up new businesses and creating new jobs.

  • Macroeconomic Simulation High GDP growth and a low unemployment rate will reinforce optimism and investors risk appetite will increase, leading to price rallies in the stock and property market, which will in turn fuel inflation.

  • The Central Bank Bubbles in the stock market and property market may develop if the central bank maintains a loose monetary policy with ample money supply and a low interest rate.

Inflation What are the DLCs and MODs available for Capitalism Lab?

Capitalism Lab is not only a standalone game, but also a platform that allows users to create and download additional content for the game. DLCs are official expansions that add new features and content to the game, such as new industries, products, scenarios, and gameplay mechanics. MODs are user-created modifications that change or enhance the game in various ways, such as adding new products, logos, images, or scenarios.

Capitalism Lab currently has four official DLCs that you can purchase and download from the game's website. They are:

Capitalism Lab Release Version Download

Capitalism Lab Post-release Beta Version Download

Capitalism Lab User-created MODs Download

Capitalism Lab Subsidiary DLC Download

Capitalism Lab City Economic Simulation DLC Download

Capitalism Lab Digital Age DLC Download

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  • Subsidiary DLC This DLC allows you to create multiple subsidiary companies with AI CEOs at their helm and get them listed on a stock exchange. You can also spin off existing firms and assets from the parent company and make big money via IPO.

  • City Economic Simulation DLC This DLC allows you to become an entrepreneurial mayor and build new cities from scratch. You can also form your own political party and shape public policy, while simultaneously growing your business empire.

  • Digital Age DLC This DLC brings you to the era of digital technology and innovation. You can produce and sell digital products, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-books, online games, etc. You can also invest in internet infrastructure and e-commerce platforms.

  • Banking and Finance DLC This DLC allows you to enter the world of banking and finance. You can set up your own bank and offer various financial services, such as loans, deposits, mortgages, credit cards, etc. You can also invest in bonds, derivatives, hedge funds, etc.

In addition to the official DLCs, Capitalism Lab also supports user-created MODs that you can download from the game's website or from the game's mod downloader. Some of the most popular MODs are:

  • RealWorld MOD by Piermario This MOD is the most popular mod for Capitalism Lab, with over 600 products and 900 customized product images, plus lots of new logos and portraits. It also adds new features such as service firms, import companies, and built-in advertising units.

  • Modern World Mod by Saffgee This MOD takes the world of manufacturing, retail and product depth to a whole new level with extremely realistic and complex production blueprints. It also adds new industries such as airlines, entertainment, hospital services, and public utilities.

  • Capitalism World Mod by Arcnor This MOD uses the mod system in a creative way, adding an amazing array of new industries to the game, including electric cars, rockets, fast food, home and garden, fuel products, etc. You can even assemble your own Tesla and SpaceX!

  • Auto Empire Mod by JackBristow This MOD supercharges the automobile class with an array of 20 models. Each car is finely crafted from sophisticated parts, making for a spectacular product line.

  • Video Game Thumb Candy MOD by BioBiro This MOD enables you to produce video game console hardware and dominate the video game software market at the same time. You can also create your own video game genres and franchises.

How to play Capitalism Lab?

Capitalism Lab offers a variety of gameplay options for different types of players. You can choose from several scenarios and modes, each with its own objectives, challenges, and rewards. You can also customize the game settings, such as difficulty level, starting capital, map size, etc. Here are some of the gameplay options available in Capitalism Lab:

  • Tutorial This mode teaches you the basics of the game, such as how to set up a business, how to research new products, how to use the interface, etc. It is recommended for beginners who want to learn the ropes of the game.



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