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The Big Bang Theory - Season 10

The series was officially picked up for seasons 11 and 12 on March 21, with all of the principal cast signing new two-year contracts. Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik were the last to sign on April 28, 2017, receiving substantial salary increases due in no small part to the rest of the principal cast shifting some of their salaries to them.[2]

The Big Bang Theory - Season 10


Like Rachel on Friends and Felicity on, well, Felicity, viewers of The Big Bang Theory have often associated Penny's look with her hair. That's why it came as a shock at the start of season eight when she ditched her long blonde surfer-girl waves for a drastic pixie cut to coincide with her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. It was actress Kaley Cuoco's decision to make the chop, but did it translate to the character of Penny as well? (It's a debate that we at Glamour even wondered about.)

And there you have it. Not only did the characters' true feelings finally come out about Penny's haircut (well, at least for those who never fell in love with it), but Howard's bowl-shaped haircut got called out too. In a season that could potentially (but we don't think so) be the show's last, the writers are holding nothing back. I wouldn't be surprised if next time we hear about the ridiculousness of the elevator never being fixed or how Sheldon can't wear a T-shirt without a long-sleeved one underneath it.

Despite the fact that Sheldon is so confident in himself as a scientist, it's worth noting that he's gone through something of a career-identity crisis more than once. He's changed the focus of his research altogether, and even questioned his own abilities earlier this season on The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 3.

Season 10 is set to air on 19th September in the US, with a UK broadcast to follow. CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller hinted at a recent press tour that there was more to come for The Big Bang Theory past season 10, saying, "We are very confident that everyone involved wants more Big Bang past year ten."

CBS' hit series The Big Bang Theory has never shied away from bringing in high-profile guest stars, with William Shatner, Bob Newhart and even real-life nerd heroes such as Stephen Hawking and Steven Wozniak appearing on the show through its first nine seasons. Today we have word that the show's high-profile guest star tradition will continue with Breaking Bad star Dean Norris coming aboard for a multi-episode arc in Season 10. The actor will appear in the first three episodes of the new fall season.

Dean Norris, who also starred on CBS' Under the Dome, won't be the only famous guest stars stopping by this season. We reported last month that Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer have come aboard to guest star as Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) mother and brother, who come to town for Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny's "re-do" wedding. The Season 10 premiere will also explore the "awkward morning" after Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) mother (Laurie Metcalf) slept with Leonard's (Judd Hirsch) father in the Season 9 finale.

In related news, back in June, series star Kunal Nayyar hinted that this upcoming season may in fact be the final season. CBS had renewed the show for a whopping three seasons back in 2014, and this season is the last of that order, and despite Kunal Nayyar's comments, other cast members such as Kaley Cuoco expressed confidence that the show would return. During CBS' TCA summer tour presentation today, CBS president Glenn Geller was just as confident that the hit sitcom would continue past Season 10.

Like it has for the past few seasons, The Big Bang Theory will start off Season 10 on Monday nights, due to CBS' Thursday Night Football, kicking off on September 19 at 8 PM ET. The show will then move to the Thursday 8 PM ET time slot on October 27, after the network's Thursday Night Football run comes to an end. Stay tuned for more updates on The Big Bang Theory as we get closer to the Season 10 premiere.

While The Big Bang Theory is still one of TV's most successful shows, there's a chance that it could be ending after its upcoming season, according to one of its stars. At the MCM Comic Con in London on May 29, Kunal Nayyar hinted that season 10 could be the final outing for TV's highest-rated comedy,which launched in 2007.

"Look, next season, as it stands on our contract, could be the last season of Big Bang Theory," he said. "To be completely honest, I know people are gonna want to know what happens after season 10. I don't know what's going to happen." (In 2014, TBBT's main trio, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco, signed new three-season deals, with a reported salary of $1 million per episode. Or as we like to call, it "Friends money.")

However, fans should find solace in what else Nayyar had to say: "If it were up to me, personally, I would love to do the show as long as you guys would have us on the air." His co-star Melissa Rauch also said she'd be open to continuing after season 10, saying, "I don't know, I'd love to. We'll see."

But even if season 10 is the final outing for the gang, Nayyar said there likely won't be a Big Bang movie, explaining, "It is a very difficult format to do for a movie because we shoot in front of a live studio audience with four cameras. So unless the movie was a two-and-a-half hour sitcom version of The Big Bang Theory, I don't think we could ever actually do a movie." He then added, "We could do it on stage."

Of course, this isn't the first time there's been talk of when of TBBT will be ending its run; back in December 2015, showrunner Steve Molaro said he believed season 10 would be the final season for the show in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I think so. I can't speak to the future or on behalf of the cast or where we'll be then but it's certainly possible that it could go past that," he told the publication. "The reality is that maybe season 10 is the ending point. The real answer is I don't know and all I can do right now is go episode to episode and try to make each one the best that we can. There's still so many episodes to go. Even if hypothetically season 10 was the end, I wouldn't be focusing on that yet. That seems like something that would be dealt with way down the line."

TBSThe Big Bang Theory got the New Year off with a real bang last week with its biggest numbers ever on TBS. The show scored a whopping 4.3 million viewers Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m., making it basic cable's #1 comedy telecast for the week.Overall, The Big Bang Theory on TBS accounted for all 20 of the week's top sitcom telecasts on basic cable with viewers, adults 18-34 and adults 18-49, with 15 of them drawing 3 million or more viewers.With The Big Bang Theory firing on all cylinders, TBS ranked as basic cable's #1 entertainment network in primetime among adults 18-34 and adults 18-49.truTVAfter scoring its biggest year ever among young adults and men in 2011, truTV continues to show tremendous momentum in 2012. For the first week of the year, truTV ranked among basic cable's Top 10 networks in primetime delivery of adults 18-49, men 18-34 and men 18-49, with solid growth across the board. For the second consecutive week, truTV's hit show Hardcore Pawn set a new record for truTV's most-watched series telecast ever, with 3 million viewers and 1.5 million adults 18-49. The show scored Top 5 rankings among ad-supported cable programs in its Tuesday 9 p.m. timeslot with viewers and key demos and helped truTV deliver its most-watched Tuesday ever.truTV's Full Throttle Saloon continues to build steam, bringing in a remarkable 2.3 million viewers and 1.4 million adults 18-49, making it ad-supported cable's #1 entertainment program in the timeslot. The show also took its place behind the previous night's Hardcore Pawn with truTV's second biggest delivery of adults 18-49 ever. Friday night at 10 p.m., Wipeout scored 1.5 million viewers, its biggest audience since joining the truTV lineup. The show ranked among ad-supported cable's Top 5 programs in the timeslot with key adult and male demos, which also scored the best deliveries for the series on truTV.truTV also enjoyed solid performances from Lizard Lick Towing (2 million viewers Monday at 10 p.m.; Storage Hunters (2.3 million viewers Tuesday at 9:30); Black Gold (1.4 million viewers Wednesday at 10 p.m.); and new hit Impractical Jokers (1.3 million viewers Thursday at 10 p.m.). All four shows ranked among ad-supported cable's Top 5 programs with key demos in their respective timeslots. TNTTNT's blockbuster dramas The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles finished their winter runs with outstanding numbers last Monday, ranking as basic cable's most-watched entertainment programs for the week. The two shows combined with the first week of TNT's regular-season NBA coverage to rank TNT as basic cable's #1 entertainment network in total viewers for the week, with close second-places finishes (behind TBS) with key adult demos.The winter finale of The Closer chalked up 7.9 million viewers in Live + 3 (6.2 million Live + Same Day), with 2.6 million adults 25-54 (1.8 million L+SD). The season two finale of Rizzoli & Isles built on that lead with an exceptional 8.1 million viewers in Live + 3 (5.8 million L+SD) and 2.9 million adults 25-54 (1.8 million L+SD).In time-shifted viewing, The Closer's Dec. 12 episode scored a final tally of 7.3 million viewers and 2.1 million adults 25-54 in Live + 7, while the Dec. 12 episode of Rizzoli & Isles delivered 7.7 million viewers and 2.7 million adults 25-54.On Sunday, a new episode of TNT's caper series Leverage brought in 2.3 million viewers in Live + Same Day, up a remarkable 14% over the prior week. The episode also averaged 1.1 million adults 25-54, up 18%. Meanwhile, time-shifted viewing has lifted the series' Dec. 18 episode to 3.3 million viewers and 1.6 million adults 25-54 in Live + 7.Turner SportsThrough the first week of the 2011-12 NBA season vs. the first week of the 2010-11 NBA season, TNT experienced a +127% increase with Total Viewers (3,957,000 vs. 1,743,000) , +127% US HH Rtg (2.5 rating vs. 1.1 rating ) and +116% HH (2,843,000 vs. 1,317,000).Additionally, TNT also had large triple-digit increases with key adult and male demographics:A18-34: 1,338,000 vs. 487,000 (+175%)A18-49: 2,245,000 vs. 865,000 (+160%)A25-54: 2,007,000 vs. 843,000 (+138%)M18-34: 930,000 vs. 327,000 (+184%)M18-49: 1,527,000 vs. 560,000 (+173%)M25-54: 1,319,000 vs. 540,000 (+144%)Source: Nielsen Media Research, Star Trak. Based on Live + Same Day data stream for NBA Regular Season on TNT game dates (2011-2012 NBA Regular Season 12/25/11 through 12/29/11 - 5 games vs. 2010-11 NBA Regular Season 12/26/2010 through 12/30/2010).NBA TV's first week of the 2011-2012 regular season performed with stronger ratings than the comparable period during the 2010-2011 regular season. For the first six games of the 2011-2012 regular season, the network averaged 456,000 total viewers, up 112% from last year (The 2010-11 NBA TV regular season Q1-to-date averaged 162,000 homes). NBA TV also averaged 333,000 households for the first six games, up 106% from last year (The 2010-11 NBA TV regular season Q1to-date averaged 215,000 total viewers). Adult SwimDespite several premiere sporting events across the first week of January 2012, Adult Swim still ranked #1 on basic cable for Total Day Delivery of adults 18-34, adults 18-24 and men 18-24.Adult Swim programming - including Family Guy and American Dad - accounted for 13 of the top 50 telecasts for the week on basic cable among adults 18-34 (more than any other network), and 16 of the top 50 among men 18-34, both more than any other network. Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network's early evening primetime (M-Su, 7-9 p.m.) posted solid double-digit gains across kids 6-11 & 2-11 vs. the same time period last year - average kids 6-11 delivery (504,000) increased by 13% and kids 2-11 (748,000) by 11%. Total Day delivery also grew by double digits across all kids demos - average kids 6-11 (393,000) grew by 10%, kids 2-11 (608,000) by 14% and kids 9-14 (300,000) by 14%.Monday night comedies (7-9 p.m.) ranked as the #1 destination on all broadcast & cable television among all boys 6-11, 2-11 and 9-14, earning double-digit gains across all kids and boys demos. Compared to the previous year's time period, average kids 6-11 delivery (546,000) grew by 35%, kids 2-11 (805,000) by 18%, kids 9-14 (349,000) by 26%, boys 6-11 (385,000) by 43%, boys 2-11 (523,000) by 18% and boys 9-14 (273,000) by 41%.Four original animated series on Monday night also scored as the #1 telecasts in their respective time periods among all boy demos: The Amazing World of Gumball (7:30 p.m.), Adventure Time (8 p.m.), Regular Show (8:15 p.m.) and MAD (8:30 p.m.).Tuesday night (7-9 p.m.) also scored for Cartoon Network, earning double and triple-digit delivery gains across kids and boys 6-11 & 2-11 - average kids 6-11 delivery (560,000) improved by 96%, kids 2-11 (766,000) by 69%, boys 6-11 (393,000) by 106% and boys 2-11 (482,000) by 63%.With encore airings of Monday night's comedy line-up, Wednesday night earned Cartoon Network the #1 television destination, broadcast and cable, for boys 6-11 & 2-11. 041b061a72


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