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Given Mafuyu Song !!TOP!!

The song started out as a vocal melody Mafuyu had invented. A year later, he meets Ritsuka, who is completely shaken once he heard Mafuyu sing it, asking him to be the vocalist for his band. Ritsuka composes a guitar riff for the track and now it was up to Mafuyu to complete the lyrics.

Given Mafuyu Song

The song started out as a melody that Mafuyu hummed in front of his ex-boyfriend, Yuki, then from that Yuki starts to write a song for Mafuyu. Then he meets Ritsuka, who is completely shaken once he heard Mafuyu sing it, so asks him to be the vocalist for his band. Ritsuka composes a guitar riff for the track and now it was up to Mafuyu to complete the lyrics.

Mafuyu was dealing with his boyfriend's suicide that had happened last winter and he had been repressing his feelings for a year, stretching out the writing process to the very end. He wrote this song about him, talking about his inability to move on and how lost and emotionless he has felt since then.

One crucial piece of the series wasn't touched, however. The song Mafuyu sings in Episode 9 called "Fuyu no Hanashi," or "A Winter Story" in English, maintains the original Japanese audio. Comments on the episode on Crunchyroll are split on this decision. Some are happy that the song was left as it was, while others lament that it wasn't translated. Both sides make a convincing argument.

That said, knowing what he's saying only makes the song more powerful. His references to winter and saying that he can't just move on from Yuki solidify the song's place in the story. One could argue that the audience is missing part of the experience by not knowing what Mafuyu is saying. Crunchyroll itself doesn't help the situation by leaving out subtitles, meaning the audience can't read the lyrics even if they want to.

So, why was the song left alone? It was most likely to keep as much of the original Japanese production intact as possible. Western adaptations of anime and manga have only been changing what they absolutely need to in recent years. Manga pages used to be flipped to match English being read from left to right, but now they remain as is to stay as close to the original as possible. Anime dubs used to change the characters' names and remove any Japanese elements they could to appeal to a wider audience, but this practice has also largely ceased.

At the live performance, Yatake & his band members announce their last song for the crowd. Yatake looks over at the crowed to see Haruki doing sign languages. Yatake realizes the sign languages & announces to the crowd of doing a few more songs.

Back at the concert venue, Mafuyu, Haruki, & Akihiko wait in the room until Ritsuka comes into the room with the supplies panting. Haruki informs Ritsuka that he asked a band to play another two or three songs & that they can relax. Ritsuka tells Haruki thanks with Haruki giving Ritsuka a look & telling him to cool off before going on stage. Haruki leaves to give the PA guy the updated list with Akihiko soon following after. Mafuyu sits in the chair with his guitar & looking disappointed. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if he can change the strings.

On the stage, Yatake & his band members start leaving. Shogo & Ryuu note how the vocalist was acting funny & that Ritsuka's band is up next. Yagi tells Hiiragi that the band ran pretty long. Akihiko, Haruki, Mafuyu, & Ritsuka make their way up the stage. Haruki notices the mic that was left on the stage & asks Mafuyu if he decided not to sing or if they're going with a "lalala" strategy. Ritsuka calls to Mafuyu with Mafuyu looking back at Ritsuka & Ritsuka realizing that he's spacing off. Haruki asks Ritsuka if he got it all out of his system. Ritsuka tells Haruki that he did when he accidently snapped the string. Haruki & Akihiko nod to each other. Mafuyu notes to himself of not knowing how to react. Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki look at Mafuyu with Haruki telling them to have fun. Mafuyu continues narrating on not knowing how to react, while him & his band members begin to play. Mafuyu starts to sing the lyrics for the song with Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki realizing that he's singing. While the audience watches the performance, Ugetsu begins to question what the hell. A member of the audience realizes Mafuyu's singing & is left speechless. Mafuyu narrates about a story that took place one winter & recalls his moments with Yuki. Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko begin to have fun on stage. Mafuyu looks back at Ritsuka with Ritsuka smiling back at Mafuyu & Mafuyu about to shed tears. The audience starts to clap for Mafuyu & the others, while Ugetsu notes to himself how Mafuyu is blessed with natural talent. Mafuyu starts to head over to Ritsuka with Ritsuka putting his arm around his neck & walking back with him. Haruki makes a note to the audience about their performance. Mafuyu begins to tighten his grip on Ritsuka's shirt with Ritsuka looking down at him. Mafuyu begins to tell Ritsuka thank you for bringing him this far, but is cut off when Ritsuka kisses him on the mouth. Ritsuka & Mafuyu's lips begin to separate from each other with Mafuyu about to shed a tear. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he did so good & head out to play another song. Mafuyu brings his hands out to look at them with tears falling down on his palms & Mafuyu crying. Haruki announces to the crowed that their guitarist is back with Mafuyu sitting down with his guitar on the floor. Mafuyu notes to himself that he's having fun, but wishes he could talk to him (Yuki) again.

During a flashback, Mafuyu & Yuki ride the bus together with Yuki humming a familiar song. Mafuyu asks Yuki what the heck is that weird song with Yuki telling Mafuyu that he was humming it the other day. Mafuyu asks Yuki if it was with Yuki agreeing.

During sunset, Yuki hums the same song with Mafuyu telling Yuki that they should head home & Yuki telling Mafuyu five more minutes with Mafuyu questioning him why. Yuki tells Mafuyu that he's drilling it into his head that he's the first person he ever came to the ocean with. Mafuyu tells Yuki that most of his firsts are with him & if he still wants even more of them. Yuki looks back at Mafuyu & tells him that he might remember when he comes to the ocean again, on another day when the wind is strong, or he might remember when he randomly starts humming that weird song. Mafuyu tells Yuki that he won't forget this even if they don't spend another five minutes here. Yuki tells Mafuyu that he's going to forget & that he'll remember it next year, probably five years from now, but probably won't think about much in ten. Mafuyu notes to himself that he'll remember this day even ten years from now, but is sure that he'll start to forget little by little. Mafuyu notes of the name of the bus stop they got off today, the color of the sweater he was wearing, the words that were popular between the two of them at the time, and is sure that he'll start to forget those things, little by little. Yuki suggests doing something with Mafuyu in the bathroom. Mafuyu narrates on how it's called loneliness & tells Yuki yes, but later changes his mind to let's not. Yuki laughs & asks Mafuyu which is it with Mafuyu telling him let's not. Mafuyu narrates one day, atop a burning, blinding stage, I'll learn that for myself.

Mafuyu is a skilled musician, as shown by the music she produced under the artist name OWN. She wrote her music separately from the other Nightcord members in an attempt to find herself. OWN's music was quite popular, and both Ena and Mizuki were impressed by it. In comparison to Kanade's works, Mafuyu's songs were said to be intensely cold and sharp, lacking the sense of warmth that Kanade's music possessed.

As Kanade and the other members of 25-ji, Nightcord de. try to help Mafuyu, she slowly becomes more responsive. Upon seeing a marionette in a doll exhibit, she feels intense disgust and panic, possibly because the marionette subconsciously reminded her of herself.[3] In Carnation Recollection, Kanade's song makes her feel warm and she is able to smile while listening to it.

Yoisaki Kanade: Fellow circle member. Mafuyu is amazed that Kanade was able to create a song that made Mafuyu smile, encouraging Kanade to keep trying to make Mafuyu feel something. Kanade truly cares about Mafuyu and is working desperately to create a song that will save her.

The devastating trauma of losing a loved one to suicide does not bankrupt a person's ability to touch others' lives. As the series illustrates, Mafuyu has much to give to others. He brings out Ritsuka's protective nature, but more importantly, he has a voice that can shake anyone to their core. When he opens his mouth and sings the wordless song he has been humming in his head, Ritsuka is mesmerized. The screen is bathed in soft green light, as if Mafuyu's voice possesses magic. Hearing Mafuyu leads to a resurgence in Ritsuka's creativity, and Akihiko and Haruki are equally mesmerized.

Given has a powerful ending where Mafuyu gathers the courage and sings his song on stage. Previously, he clammed up and didn't sing a single word. The others actually thought he didn't finish writing the song in time for their live show. Like his usual self, Mafuyu kept his everything bottled up and then surprised his band at the last moment.

Mafuyu's song is written about his relationship with Yuki. The performance was electrifying and unleashed all of his repressed emotions in one exhilarating moment. Uenoyama offers a great allegory about how the strings in Mafuyu's heart finally snapped, freeing him from his burden and distress.

The Given series ending signifies that Mafuyu has begun the healing process over his grief. He had been stuck in the past, unable to move on since his ex's death. Performing that song was a therapeutic moment, allowing Mafuyu to express all the emotions that he repressed. It's a happy ending for Mafuyu, as his character starts warming up to the prospect of falling in love again after Yuki.

Mafuyu sings a different song during the live performance. In the anime, he sings a song called Fuyu no Hanashi (A Winter's Story). In the drama, he sings a song called Memory Lane. I'm guessing there might be licensing complications that prevent the same song from being performed? In the anime, Mafuyu is also spliced with more flashbacks between him and his ex-boyfriend, including a quick second of them having sex. 041b061a72


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