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Where To Buy Simpson Pressure Washers

The right pressure washer extension wand makes a big difference. A power washer wand can give you maximum control over distance and spray. Get an extension wand just for your gutters or hard-to-reach places like second stories. A house pressure washer can keep the dirt & grime on the outside of your home at a minimum. Skip the local coin car wash, car pressure washers make cleaning your vehicle easy and can keep them in great condition, especially in areas that use salt on the roads.

where to buy simpson pressure washers

The pressure put out by a power washer is measured in PSIs, pounds per square inch. Gas-powered pressure washers typically put out more PSI pressure compared with electric models. Commercial pressure washers are great for the toughest of stains and paint prep. For the toughest deep-cleaning jobs consider 3100 PSI pressure washers.

Too much pressure from a power washer could create an unwanted hole in vinyl siding, mark concrete, or splinter wood. Unless you are trying to strip paint, avoid using a pressure washer on anything painted. Be careful when using the more powerful pressure washers, they can spray water concentrated enough to cause injuries.

The first Simpson power washer was built more than 50 years ago by the founder Jack to assist in the daily work of the paint contractors. Little he knew at the time what enormous positive impact will this have on the industry today. Simpson pressure washers are designed and produced to withstand hard work day in and day out. These machines are now produced in an innovative 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Decatur (Arkansas) in accordance with very strict quality manufacturing standards. 041b061a72


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