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Where Can I Buy Reading Sunglasses

Reading sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and improve your near vision with just one pair of glasses. They come in many brands and styles and with plenty of lens types, like polarized and blue light-blocking lenses and progressive or bifocal options.

where can i buy reading sunglasses

Reading sunglasses are great for certain outdoor activities, such as gardening and enjoying a good book at the beach. Many people find this dual-purpose eyewear much more convenient than switching between reading glasses and sunglasses.

Reading sunglasses are available with all the same types of specialty lenses as standard sunglasses, including blue-light blocking and polarized lenses. Plus, you can choose from progressive, fully magnified or bifocal lenses to ensure clear vision and UV protection for different activities.

Polarized lenses are specially designed to reduce the glare from sunlight bouncing off of flat surfaces. That makes polarized reading sunglasses the perfect choice for enjoying a book at the pool or beach. They will sharpen your near vision, eliminate glare from the pages, and even minimize eye strain caused by squinting.

Like most sunglasses, progressive sunglasses can also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Progressive sunglasses feature line-free multifocal lenses that provide clear vision for near, intermediate and far distances.

The seamless-progression design of these lenses means you can read small print, work at the computer and even drive without ever needing to switch the glasses you are wearing. Progressive sunglasses go even further to allow you to see clearly and comfortably while enjoying most of your favorite outdoor activities.

Full-lens readers and reading sunglasses have lenses with a consistent amount of magnification from top to bottom. Many of the non-prescription reading sunglasses you can pick up at the drugstore fit into this category.

Bifocal reading sunglasses offer the same comfort and protection from the sun as regular sunglasses, and their design provides clear near and distance vision without having to take them off. They are another great option if you only need near-vision correction.

The ever-popular Oakleys combine leading lens technology with perfectly balanced three-point frames. Oakley reading sunglasses are available in most of the same streamlined-yet-rugged styles as their standard glasses and, depending on where you shop, with single-vision, progressive and bifocal lenses.

Peepers are unique on our list because the brand specializes in stylish and effective readers. All Peepers reading sunglasses feature UV400 sun protection, seven layers of anti-glare coating and scratch-resistance.

Most non-prescription reading sunglasses you can find in stores range from a near vision (NV) strength of +0.25 to +6.00. If you end up choosing a magnification power that is just a bit too weak or a little too strong, it could lead to eye strain and headaches down the road, even if the lenses seem to allow you to see perfectly.

To order reader sunglasses, choose from any of our most popular frame styles below (or shop all our sunglasses, many of which can be customized as reading sunglasses). Select your frame color, lens color, and reader strength to customize your new readers.

"I have had my sunglasses for a month and I cannot be happier. The frames are light and so comfortable. The gray lenses have excellent clarity and the blue mirror is beautiful. The bifocal has been a life saver on more than one occasion."

These affordable Drama bifocal sunglasses sport a retro-style frame with attractive metal accents. The scratch resistant lenses offer 99% UVA and UVB protection, making them perfect for reading outside, even in the brightest sunlight.

No one would ever guess that these hip, stylish reading sunglasses really had readers in the lenses! With a classic, timeless aviator frame and fully magnified lenses, these reading sunglasses add a touch of cool to every outdoors reading session.

Will you need polarized sunglasses? Polarized lenses reduce the glare off water or other reflective surfaces, like an iPad or smartphone. If you love hanging out at the beach or lake, enjoy boating or other water-related activities, these are a smart buy. Our bright and colorful Juno Sunglasses (shown above) are a great choice for fun-in-the-sun activities!

Bifocals are actually the combination of two different kinds of lenses. In reading glasses, the larger lens does not change what the wearer sees at all, while a second, smaller lens is inset and offers the magnification, or diopter strength.

Over time, technology has improved bifocal lenses, but the basic design remains the same. Most of the lens allows you to see the world normally, while a small crescent adds the reading strength you need, where you need it. Bifocals allow you to comfortably shift between reading and looking at something in the distance, such as watching a favorite show on your TV.

This unique design means that the lenses have three levels of magnification. With reading glasses, the top is clear, allowing you to see things normally. Towards the middle, you get an intermediate magnification, gradually increasing in strength as your eye travels to the bottom of the lens. Since progressive glasses allow for multiple focus points, they can feel more versatile.

We designed 32ºN with classic elegance to fits all shapes, sizes, and styles. More than a mere accessory, 32ºN is your perfect outdoor companion - the one that easily fits into your everyday activities and occasions, everywhere. With our advanced technology and timeless design, they look great today, and we promise they will look great in 10 years.

We invented a new kind of active lens that dynamically switches its focus between close and far distances. Powered with these revolutionary lenses, 32N sunglasses are the first (and only) adaptive focus sunglasses. We believe that glasses should adapt to the people wearing them, not the other way around.

Reading sunglasses for enjoying a paperback at the beach are now widely available. Berry recommends getting polarized lenses, which block UV light as well as light that reflects from flat surfaces such as roads and water, so they enhance vision and minimize squinting due to glare and reflections. Nonprescription bifocal sunglasses, with reading magnification notched into the bottom of otherwise unmagnified lenses, will let you use the sunglasses for all your outdoor activities.

To help you pinpoint the best eyewear retailer for your needs, we indicated the estimated turnaround times, return policies, availability of a virtual try-on features and vision renewal tests, and whether insurance and HSA/FSA funds are accepted. We also noted key points about the eyewear options offered as well as reasons one might prefer shopping somewhere else.

Lensabl says it can put Rx lenses in any frames for these flat rates. To test this claim, I bought an $8 pair of foldable reading glasses (currently unavailable). Within two weeks of sending the frames and prescription to Lensabl, I had a pair of perfectly prescribed folding eyeglasses for less than $100.

Tiger Specs are leading online suppliers of reading sunglasses. Our reading sunglasses are available in strengths from +1.00 and up to +4.00. They all feature UV400 sun protection, high quality frames and come in a range of exciting and inspiring colours. Styles suitable for both ladies and men.

At Tiger Specs we take pride in our constantly updated range of sun reading glasses. We feature classic time-honoured models like the iconic aviator and cat eye reading sunglasses alongside vibrant, new and exciting designs. We are aware that beyond looking great, to keep customers coming back for more, our sun reading glasses should be high quality and functional. All feature UV400 category 3 sun protection and comfortable frames built for daily use that will withstand the test of time. As a family run business we put excellent customer service at the forefront of our business model. Order before 3PM on working days and your reading sunglasses will be dispatched that same day by First Class Royal Mail and safely delivered to your door in no time. We also offer returns within 28 days as well as a 6 month guarantee. Bookmark our site so that you can check back regularly and follow us on social media to be updated on the latest additions to our ranges. And don't forget our long-standing offer; 5 off the total when you buy any 2 pairs of glasses with us.

When you're looking for reading sunglasses, you want a pair that's comfortable and stylish, but most importantly, you want quality. At Tiger Specs, we've got all of that covered! We offer classic models like aviators and cat eyes as well as new and exciting concepts from up and coming designers. All of our sunglasses for reading feature UV400 category 3 protection and they're built to last - so they'll be there when you need them. Lazing on the beach and browsing on your tablet or smartphone couldn't be easier. When you choose sunglasses with reading lenses you get the best of both worlds wrapped up in a single pair of glasses. As a family-run business, we put excellent customer service at the forefront of our business model: we make sure you get same-day dispatch on working days for your reading sunglasses in the UK. If you order before 3PM, they'll be in your hands faster than ever! Let's also shine a spotlight on the 5.00 reduction you get when you mix and match any 2 pairs. You can now buy your reading sunglasses and then bag a different pair from anywhere on our site with money knocked off your bill in the process!

Perfect for reading on a sunny day, at Tiger Specs we endeavour to offer the greatest selection of reading sunglasses online and frequently update our range with new styles.We stock everything from aviators to wayfarers as well as specialist reading sunglasses such as bifocals alongside ultra fashionable designer brands. Every pair provides UV400 sun protection and a wide variety of reading strengths are available from +1.00 to +3.50.Order before 3PM on working days for same day dispatch and why not take advantage of our unbeatable ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get 5 off! 041b061a72


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