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VIGG, n. [A.S. wicg; akin to vega = to carry; cp. Lat. vehic-ulum] :-- a horse, steed, Edda (Gl.); vigg at söðla, vagn at beita, Gkv. 2. 18: freq. in poët. phrases for a ship, sund-vigg, the horse of the sea, sea-steed; öldu vigg, unn-vigg, haf-vigg, sund-vigg, borð-vigg, hlunn-vigg, hlýr-vigg, súð-vigg, stafn-vigg, segl-vigg, = the wave-steed, ... sail-steed; veggjar vigg = a house, Lex. Poët.: as also in compds, vigg-baldr, -beitir, -finnandi, viggj-álfr, vigg-rennandi, -ríðandi, -runnr, -þollr, = a sailor, mariner, farer on the sea-steed, Lex. Poët. II. Vigg, an island in Norway: viggjar-skalli, a nickname, Fms. vii.

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