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Blood On The Moon(1948) BETTER

One of the best psychological westerns of the 1940s, RKO Blood on the Moon stars Robert Mitchum as itinerant cowboy Jim Garry. Riding into a Texas Indian reservation, Garry finds himself embroiled in a deadly feud between cattle ranchers and homesteaders. He befriends both Amy Lufton (Barbara Bel Geddes), daughter of wealthy cattle man John Lufton (Tom Tully), and smooth-talking mercenary Tate Rilling (Robert Preston). What neither Garry nor Amy realize is that Rilling is a snake, conspiring with crooked Indian agent Jake Pindalest (Frank Faylen) to make off with Lufton's cattle. At first aligning himself with Rilling, Garry finally figures out that his so-called friend is up to no good and casts his lot with Lufton, leading to a bloody showdown.

Blood on the Moon(1948)


Although the idea of equal rights for women is very old, the Party seems to claim it as its own patent by refusing to share the movement with other women. In proof, witness the lack of new blood in its leadership and the consequent weakening of the Party. To all of us who believe in the E.R.Amendment, it is a shame to see the Seneca Falls celebration in the hands of the opposition[A]. 041b061a72


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