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Buy Townhouse In Maryland

Shoreline Properties has been representing the best vacation condo rentals in Ocean City, Maryland, for over 40 years, making us one of the most experienced and well-established real estate management companies in the area. Our family-owned company operates 365 days a year, providing vacation rental condos, homes, and townhouses for you and your family to enjoy.

buy townhouse in maryland

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To build upon this research, Planning presented these five common strategies to the stakeholder group and solicited their feedback on things that local planners should know about how they work in the real world, outside of the confines of a planning document. For each strategy below, we define it and provide the feedback we received form the stakeholder group. Planning will continue to add to this list in future phases and encourages additional local insight on these strategies and others. If you would like to contribute ideas or lessons learned, please contact Joe Griffiths at

Missing middle housing is related to the appearance and design of the structure. The structure could be an existing single-family home that is converted, or a teardown of an existing home that is replaced with a newly built structure with more dwelling units. The structure can contain units such as side-by-side duplexes, or those in which the units are stacked one above the other. A triplex could be side-by- side, stacked, or position one unit under two townhouse-like units above. The structure with four dwelling units could be a quad or side-by-side. Structures with more than four units may contain up to as many as 9-12 units. However, the primary factor is that the structure should be compatible with the existing homes in the neighborhood regarding form and scale, thus potentially limiting local opposition to increased residential density. Local zoning codes can be amended to allow a new range of housing types such as those described here, and if so desired, limit the frequency, locational criteria, and minimum lot size of such units. 041b061a72


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