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Pirates Warrior 4 ((FREE))

A number of new heroes -- and villains -- have been added this time around, most of them plucked from the Whole Cake Island arc of the manga and anime. Speaking of which, Big Mom and her pirates are a focus of the game's new story mode, which covers five key arcs: Alabasta and the fight against Crocodile, Marineford and Ace's rescue, Sabaody and the struggles of the Straw Hats, Whole Cake Island and the terror of Big Mom, and, lastly, Wano Country and the tyranny of Kaido.

pirates warrior 4

Now, in Pirate Warriors 4, we'll get to see both of these pirates in the thick of it. Will all of Capone's moves just feature his crewmates attacking from inside his castle-body? Will Basil Hawkins primarily be about attacking from afar or transferring damage to his enemies? Either way, we'll get to see much more of these two now. 041b061a72


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