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Belarus MTZ 892.2

In the Farming Simulator 20 Android game, the power of the MTZ-892 and 892.2 tractors is 90 hp. with a volume tank of 130 liters. This allows you to develop a transport speed of 35 km / h, when moving between work in the field.

Belarus MTZ 892.2

The mod of the MTZ-892 tractor and the subsequent model Belarus 892.2 was made for the FS 20 Android game. There it gets dirty in the texture of dirt, and also performs all the proper functions in agriculture.

Puntea de direcţie față a tractorului BELARUS 892.2 are reductoare planetar-cilindrice, cutia de viteze este mecanică, în trepte, dieselul de evacuare a substanţelor poluante corespunde cerințelor de mediu ale treptei Stage I. 041b061a72


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