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Airplane Mode (2019)

The reputation of Logan Paul, combined with the pictures en the description on the cover of the dvd, made it very clear that I was in for an extremely corny jackass-like vehicle. Well, at times you feel yourself just in the mood for something like that, and I had faint hopes that a very nowadays social-media hero like Logan Paul would add something extra, something new or different or daring.In spite of these very modest expectations and an occasional chuckle here and there, it turned out as a big disappointment. Not so much because it was even cornier than I had imagined, these 80 long minutes of lame high-school humor of the most childish sort. But mainly because it's so terribly out-dated and has-been, it's like looking at "Airplane" from some 30 years ago, which in those days in fact really was innovative and something totally different (and very funny to boot!). While there's nothing bold or innovative about this "Airplane Mode", it's just one overlong chain of cheap old-fashioned platitudes.Totally superfluous, I would say.

Airplane Mode (2019)

Once my phone was on airplane mode, I created two columns in the notebook next to my laptop - "Picked up my phone" and "Almost picked up my phone" (but didn't). I put tick marks under the appropriate column as I worked, almost like my own form of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Since that initial week, I haven't looked back. Sure, I slip up here and there, but when I remember how much my productivity's increased, it gives me reason enough to put my phone back down. It's now been more than a month since my one-week experiment, and I've actually continued keeping my phone on airplane mode while I work (and even sometimes when I'm not working). It's become my new best friend.

Speaking to The FADER about her new song, Rose said: "I don't like things to infiltrate when I'm creating. One phone call can change my train of thought. So I tend to go on airplane mode. I also take a lot of flights and am very into aviation. I want to be a pilot. The main thing is just, 'I'm taking off, get out of my way. This is my thing, and this is how I'm doing it. You're either on board, or get out.' I think that's a great motto to live by."

So, once the in flight wifi is turned on during cruise, is it axiomatic that it is ok to turn flight mode off? I've heard some announcements say to connect to the wifi but still keep the cell signal off. What's the electronics safety protocol regarding this? 041b061a72


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