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Okaber Boz: The Track That Shook the Rap Scene

Okaber Boz: A Rap Song That Shook Azerbaijan

If you are a fan of rap music, you might have heard of Okaber, a popular Azerbaijani rapper who released a song called Boz in 2019. The song became a viral hit in Azerbaijan and beyond, sparking controversy, admiration, and debate among listeners. But what is Boz about? And why is it so important for Azerbaijani rap and culture? In this article, we will explore the background, meaning, and impact of this rap song that shook Azerbaijan.

okaber boz

Who is Okaber?

Okaber, whose real name is Elvin Quliyev, is an Azerbaijani rapper, songwriter, and producer. He was born in Baku in 1986 and started his musical career in 2006. He is one of the pioneers of Azerbaijani rap music, along with other artists such as Dayirman, Qaraqan, and Miri Yusif. He has released several albums and singles, such as MadHouse (2014), Qarada Qirmizi (2016), and Yalquzaq (2018).

A brief biography of the rapper

Okaber grew up in a poor neighborhood in Baku, where he was exposed to various social problems and injustices. He developed an interest in rap music at an early age, inspired by American rappers such as Eminem, Tupac, and Nas. He taught himself how to rap, write lyrics, and produce beats using his computer. He also learned English by listening to rap songs and watching movies. He started performing at local clubs and events, gaining recognition and respect from his peers. He also participated in rap battles, where he showcased his skills and wit.

His musical style and influences

Okaber's musical style is characterized by his fast flow, complex rhymes, sharp wordplay, and provocative content. He often raps about social issues, politics, religion, culture, and personal experiences. He also uses humor, irony, sarcasm, and metaphors to convey his messages. He is influenced by both Azerbaijani and foreign rap artists, as well as other genres such as rock, jazz, folk, and classical music. He has collaborated with various artists from Azerbaijan and other countries, such as Nadir Negd Pul, Syndrome, Miri Yusif, Duman Ehtiramoglu, TURAN Bandit Gang Marco.

What is Boz?

Boz is a rap song by Okaber that was released on June 13th, 2019. The song is part of his album Yalquzaq (Lonewolf), which was produced by Nadir Negd Pul and Syndrome. The song has over 1 million views on YouTube and has been widely shared on social media platforms.

The meaning and context of the song

The title of the song Boz means gray in Azerbaijani. It refers to the gray area between black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. It also implies ambiguity, uncertainty, confusion, and complexity. The song is a reflection of Okaber's views on various aspects of Azerbaijani society and culture. He criticizes the corruption, injustice, hypocrisy, ignorance, violence, and oppression that he observes in his country. He also expresses his frustration, anger, disappointment, and hopelessness with the current situation. He challenges the status quo and calls for change.

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The lyrics and their analysis

The lyrics of Boz are written in Azerbaijani with some English words mixed in. They are composed of four verses and a chorus. The verses are fast-paced and dense with rhymes, wordplay, and references to various topics such as religion, politics, history, literature and culture. The chorus is catchy and repetitive, with the word Boz being repeated several times. Here is a table that summarizes the main themes and messages of each verse and chorus:



Verse 1

- Okaber introduces himself and his rap style - He claims to be different from other rappers and artists - He says he is not afraid to speak the truth and expose the lies - He criticizes the religious hypocrisy and fanaticism in Azerbaijan - He questions the validity and morality of some Islamic practices and beliefs - He mocks the ignorance and superstition of some people - He denounces the violence and oppression against women and minorities


- Okaber repeats the word Boz to emphasize the grayness of his worldview - He says he does not belong to any group or ideology - He says he is not black or white, but gray - He says he is not good or evil, but both - He says he is not right or wrong, but both - He says he is not happy or sad, but both - He says he is not alive or dead, but both

Verse 2

- Okaber criticizes the political corruption and nepotism in Azerbaijan - He accuses the government of stealing from the people and abusing their power - He exposes the injustice and inequality in the society - He laments the lack of freedom and democracy in the country - He mocks the propaganda and censorship of the media - He challenges the authority and legitimacy of the ruling elite - He expresses his dissatisfaction and discontent with the system


- Same as above

Verse 3

- Okaber criticizes the cultural stagnation and imitation in Azerbaijan - He accuses some artists of copying from foreign sources and lacking originality - He mocks the superficiality and vanity of some celebrities and influencers - He exposes the hypocrisy and dishonesty of some people - He laments the loss of identity and values in the society - He praises the diversity and richness of Azerbaijani culture and history - He expresses his pride and love for his country and people


- Same as above

Verse 4

- Okaber reflects on his own life and career - He admits his mistakes and flaws - He acknowledges his struggles and challenges - He shares his dreams and goals - He thanks his fans and supporters - He dedicates his song to his mother and father - He hopes for a better future for himself and Azerbaijan


- Same as above

The reception and impact of the song

The song Boz received mixed reactions from listeners. Some praised Okaber for his courage, honesty, creativity, and skill. They appreciated his boldness, intelligence, humor, and passion. They agreed with his views, opinions, and criticisms. They related to his feelings, experiences, and aspirations. They considered him a role model, a leader, a hero, a legend.

Others criticized Okaber for his disrespect, arrogance, vulgarity, and blasphemy. They disliked his aggressiveness, negativity, sarcasm, and cynicism. They disagreed with his views, opinions, and criticisms. They felt offended, insulted, threatened, or scared by his words. They considered him a troublemaker, a rebel, a traitor, a devil.

The song Boz also sparked controversy, debate, and discussion among various groups in Azerbaijan. Some supported Okaber's right to freedom of expression and artistic creativity. They defended him from censorship, harassment, or persecution. They argued that he was raising awareness, educating people, or inspiring change. They claimed that he was representing the voice of the youth, the oppressed, or the marginalized.

Others opposed Okaber's right to freedom of expression and artistic creativity. They demanded him to apologize, retract, or delete his song. They attacked him verbally, physically, or legally. They argued that he was spreading lies, hate, or violence. They claimed that he was disrespecting the religion, the government, the culture, or the nation.

Why is Boz important?

The song Boz is important for several reasons. It is not just a rap song, but a cultural phenomenon that reflects, influences, and challenges Azerbaijani society and culture. The social and political messages of the song

The song Boz is important because it conveys social and political messages that are relevant and resonant for many people in Azerbaijan. It addresses the issues and problems that affect the lives and rights of the citizens. It exposes the corruption, injustice, hypocrisy, ignorance, violence, and oppression that plague the society. It challenges the authority, legitimacy, and morality of the ruling elite. It calls for change, reform, and justice. It expresses the dissatisfaction, discontent, frustration, anger, disappointment, and hopelessness of the people. It also expresses the pride, love, hope, and aspiration of the people.

The artistic and cultural significance of the song

The song Boz is important because it demonstrates artistic and cultural significance for Azerb


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