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[S6E4] Don't Look Now

Hanna wakes up to find Caleb sitting on a chair at the window, looking at the cops changing their shifts. Hanna assures Caleb that nothing will happen to her while the cops are guarding her house. Caleb informs Hanna that there was a ten minute gap between when the first squad car left and the second one arrived. He says that a lot can happen in ten minutes. Hanna wants Caleb to lie down on the bed and rest, but Caleb decides to inquire the cop on duty in front of the Marin house for being ten minutes late. He kisses her on the face before going downstairs.

[S6E4] Don't Look Now

Alison finds Jason looking at a picture from when they were young in the DiLaurentis living room. Ali comments on how they were so innocent back then. She asks Jason if he is okay and Jason questions her if she would be okay if she were convinced to believe what she saw with her own eyes to be a lie. Jason says that Jessica and Kenneth made him doubt himself and how, ever since then he's always doubted himself. Jason finds it hard to believe that no one else in their family knew about Charles. Alison tells him what the girls discovered and shows him Charles' Radley file. When Ali says that Aunt Carol visited Charles a lot in Radley, Jason remembers the time when he got hurt in the elevator the previous year and thought that Wilden was after him, he drove up to Aunt Carol's house for hiding from him.

Jason asks Hanna to stop digging after taking a closer look at the roots around the headstone, saying that they've been growing for years and that wouldn't have been possible if someone had planted the headstone a few days back. Spencer looks in to confirm this. At last they reach to the conclusion that Charles really is dead, or at least Ali and Jason does. Jason gets up and hugs Alison. Walking away, Hanna accuses Spencer of leading them down the wrong path with all the blocks and anagram clues. Spencer tells her that Charles is still the key to all this, as 'A' must be someone he knew at Radley.

At the pool, Emily and Sara compete to hold their breath under water. Sara thanks Emily for making her feel weightless, an effect of swimming and for looking out for her. At the Montgomery living room, Aria opens up to her dad, telling her how trapped she felt in her room in the dollhouse. Aria breaks down and is comforted by Byron.

Spencer is on a dark journey, and it doesn't look like there is light at the end of the tunnel for her. She's officially back on the drugs, and this spells trouble. Her mother won't react in the best way when she inevitably finds out. Spencer's room will be similar to the dollhouse; she'll never be allowed to leave it.

Are we really at the digging through the trash part of your pill addiction, Spence? Watching her root around in dirt and banana peels looking for Aria's discarded meds was one of the lowest point for the character, and that's saying something. Spencer can't sleep, she's haunted by what she can and cannot remember from the Dollhouse of Doom (the trick with the blood seems oh-so-fake, though, Spence) and she just wants to relax. Good thing Ezra hired a pothead as his new baker! I'm sure being high all the time will help Spencer's sleuthing skills. (Side note: No Toby? Is he very busy being the second-worst cop in Rosewood?)

  • Oh, Mr. DiLaurentis, you're the worst liar of the bunch. Let's break down everything you told your children in this episode:You have a secret brother I tried to convince you wasn't real.

  • We institutionalized him for his whole life, because he tried to kill baby Ali.

  • Oh but he's dead.

  • There's no proof.

  • I did it because I love you.

  • Even in Rosewood, you are a terrible father. But Ali and Jason are willing to accept this story when they find the well-worn grave over at Aunt Carol's house (loved how Emily just knew that random name was Ali's aunt). It's not enough for the Liars, but it looks like Ali wants Charles to "rest in peace."And hey, speaking of Charles not resting, glad the "what's A up to this week" tags are back! It looks like he may have implanted a tracker into each of the Liars which shouldn't be surprising considering he kidnapped and tortured them, but still, super creepy.For your viewing pleasure, here are the episode's best quotes:"I put a tracker on your car ... I know it sounds extreme."

  • "Why would he do this?"

  • "I'll check out that barn."

  • "We shouldn't be out here alone."

  • "That headstone looks fake."

Missed last week's recap? Read it here.

"Here's Not Here" is basically a sequel to Season 3's 12th episode "Clear" which featured almost exclusively Morgan (Lennie James) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln.) Tonight we don't see Rick, but we do get a big helping of Morgan, both in his Zen state and in the throes of Bad Crazy.

Eastman was a forensic psychiatrist whose job was to determine if inmates could re-enter society. so that's incredibly lucky. You sort of have to look past how stupid lucky it is that someone as screwy as Morgan would end up in the care of someone like Eastman, but I can suspend disbelief. Anything is possible in the zombie apocalypse.

We're four episodes into Season 7 and still don't have answers, but Spencer has a great theory. She thinks 'A' took Charles' identity and must be someone he knew at Radley. After they found Charles' real grave at Carol's house, they knew he couldn't be secretly alive. Mr. DiLaurentis also told Alison about a repressed childhood memory when Charles tried to drown her in scalding hot water when she was a kid. Eek.

And, since the show seems utterly convinced that we are just dying for more of this idiocy, the Dowager Countess has invited her friend Lady Shackleton to join the Crawleys for dinner, ostensibly to give herself another ally in the inevitable verbal throwdown about it. Violet even provides her friend with a series of talking points that effusively support of keeping the village hospital under local control. Why Lady Shackleton gives a rip about this either, is deeply unclear, but even she personally comes down on the side of modernity and more progressive treatments for everyone, because this story apparently exists to make Violet look like a backward, power-hungry narcissist. Ugh. Lady Shackleton agrees to say whatever her friend wants her to in the end, though. Because that's what friends are for, I guess.

The real star of The 100 season 6 continues to be the planet itself, which serves up one gorgeous shot after another. The show has completely changed up its look and feel this season, which might on paper seem like a risk, but it was exactly what The 100 needed at this point in its lifespan: light and color and scenic diversity and the promise of many more worlds to be explored.

The sneak peek video starts with Sara doing her hair in front of the mirror. Emily compliments her pixie cut and tells her that it suits her. However, she is not sure about her look. Soon, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Pam Fields.

I hope you are right LadyL. It seems that all along he has been striving for the position of head butler, mostly using mean and underhanded tricks but now all that is culminating with him having to seek another position in a world that is changing. In that sense I see him as a tragic figure. I must have missed the part where he was told to look for another job, though.

On Terok Nor, the Dominion-occupation name for Deep Space 9, Rom and Major Kira have arranged to put Cardassian officer Damar's PADD into the possession of the Jem'Hadar. In it, Damar proposes poisoning the last ration of ketracel-white, because if the Dominion lines through the Gamma Quadrant don't open up, the Jem'Hadar will run amok after all the white is gone. While Kira and Rom observe from the second level of the bar, some Jem'Hadar confront Damar in Quark's and a riot breaks out, which is more than what Kira and Rom had hoped.

In the aftermath of the bar fight, which has left some fatalities, Gul Dukat and Weyoun argue about how the unfortunate situation arose, with each defending his own. Weyoun tells Dukat that the two of them must look like allies in front of their subordinates. Odo suggests getting everyone out of the bar. Weyoun agrees. Odo continues to look around himself alertly.

On Starbase 375 at 0800, Sisko notes that the Dominion's Argolis Array can detect cloaked ships up to two light years away and proposes approaching the array through the Argolis Cluster itself. With the gravimetric distortions and Gravimetric shear it will be difficult, but he is confident that the Defiant's crew can manage it, given that Jadzia Dax has experience studying protostar clusters and knows what to look for. Admiral Ross approves the plan. The Defiant will leave as soon as current repairs are complete.

The Defiant returns to Starbase 375 triumphantly. Ross and Sisko come aboard in order to congratulate the crew. As acting captain of the mission, Dax now performs the power cell ritual just like Sisko had earlier. Sisko realizes that they're a good crew and that they don't really need him to command them.

"Take a good look at this, people. It says something about this ship. It says that we will fight, and we will keep on fighting, until we can't fight any more.""Yes, sir!""You don't just throw something like this away.""No, sir!"

Best song of the episode:After Rory's DAR mixer, she walks into the pool house to find Logan, Colin, Finn, and Katrinka (Ailsa Marshall), the Dutch milkmaid, listening to "Twin Cinema" by the New Pornographers. This is the only song in the episode and thus, wins by default. I don't understand the character of Katrinka and am flummoxed that none of the writers spent one minute Googling Dutch culture to see if this characterization was even remotely accurate.

On the morning of the baptism, Rory wakes up and goes through the whole "Which [dress] goes better with a baby?" spiel that Lorelai similarly enacted with Luke. The off-white piece she chooses is better than Lorelai's low-cut peach slip dress, but I don't love the seaming on the bodice. Before the ceremony, she stops over at Lane's to stiffly catch up in her amazing bedroom, complete with shag carpet and John Vanderslice poster on the wall. Lane's big drama this episode is that Brian and Zack went behind her back and used the tour money she saved to purchase audio equipment they haven't researched. Lane needs to make some female friends who don't suck and start and start a band with them. 041b061a72


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