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Adobe Indesign Cs4 [EXCLUSIVE] Crack Windows

Hi someone gave me a cracked version of adobe cs4 and now they have gained access to my computer also. They turned on my file sharing trying to steal files. Can someone tell me how are they able to setup the software where they can gain access to your computer?

adobe indesign cs4 crack windows

I have had a lot of trouble getting past the photoshop cs4 activation. My cousin got his to work using the same process i tried but he has windows vista, and I have windows 7. I tried the serial numbers, and it worked, or so I thought, when I re-opened it it said it was a fake number or whatever, so I guess I didn't block adobe right? can someone help me out asap??

I migrated my CS1 programs from my old PowerPC Mac G5 onto new iMac. The programs work except for not being able to save or make pdfs. I have downloaded copy of CS4 and installed, deactivating and blocking adobe pinging - and the new programs have the same problem. I'm not able to save any files on any CS programs! It seems like it must have something to do with the cracked programs as I have updated the mac os software updates?!

HiI'm using InDesign CS4 ME.The ME edition is a bit different from the other versions.It's deformed by WinSoft Co. and the "dll" cracking is not useful and a serial number is needed too, even after blocking Adobe by using Host solution and replacing the "dll" there is a page requesting serial number while starting InDesign. I have to use by trial way but it's suffering to reinstall windows after 30 days.If anybody have a solution please share.Thanks.

I'm installing Illustrator CS4 for the 2nd time now. The first time I used the classic keygen with that annoying background music and when I opened adobe it said License expired!Can anybody give me a reliable crack or some advice on how to do it properly? THNX


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